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Strawberry-Hill by ShiroixNeko

*IMPORTANT NEWS: St. Lulim Vice President position is OPEN! *Notify group if you would like this position~*

*Members currently have a 3 character limit~ Please notify the group if you would like extra characters after the first three, or participate in an event that is offering extra characters~

:A yuri RP group based on Sakurako Kimino's Strawberry Panic!:

Things to finish until opening:
:bulletgreen: Miator SCP Finished!
:bulletblue: Blank memes Finished!
:bulletpink: Student List Journal Finished!
:bulletpurple: Stars of Astraea Journal Finished!

Strawberry-Hill is now open!!

Welcome to Strawberry-Hill! Look here to get started:

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Rules and Regulations *Please read these before anything else!

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Character Creation

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Astraea Information <- Uniform Ref. can be found in here!

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Astraea Locations

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Etoile System

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Clubs

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Dorms

Strawberry Bullet Point by NutellaliciousCrushes & Couples

Strawberry Bullet Point by NutellaliciousStars of Astraea

Strawberry Bullet Point by NutellaliciousStudent List

Strawberry Bullet Point by NutellaliciousStrawberry-Hill RP Chatroom

Strawberry Bullet Point by NutellaliciousApplications!! Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious

St. Miator Application by Huniidu St. Spica Application by Huniidu St. Lulim Appilcation by Huniidu
St. Miator (top left) St. Spica (top right) St. Lulim (bottom)
Applications made by :iconhuniidu:!

Thank you for stopping by~

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Recent Journal Entries

"Mystery or monotony? Hoax or horror? What seven silly conundrums has Astraea conjured up now?"  

~ Kurahime Kagemoto ~ Etoile

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Seven Mysteries of Astraea Hill! Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious

If this event does not interest anyone/the event is too cliche, please let me know and it will be changed. Please feel free to add any ideas or event ideas as you see fit at any time!

Introducing, the first event of Strawberry-Hill. A classical seven mysteries. Recently, seven strange happenings have come to the attention of the whole campus. Some are simple, others are more chilling and are confined to certain locations of Astraea. Girls from all schools are encouraged to team up and participate it, or you may try to go about one allow. Are they all just rumors, or perhaps, something more going on around Astraea?  

How to participate:
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle Rp through notes with others or get together in the chat and have a group investigation (Make sure to check the chat every so often~)
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle Draw your character(s) participating in the investigation of one of the seven mysteries (they may investigate as many as they would like)
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle If you do not wish to draw, you may write an investigation in a story format or post an RP script of an investigation

~ This event will end: TBA

The Mysteries:  

new icon by floraye 1. The Phantom Rider of Spica
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle One night, Spica’s Vice President Yuriko was visiting the corral to check on her horse. She heard a horse running about and thought it odd someone would be riding this late at night. As she approached the corral, she saw a girl riding a horse…except both were transparent and exuded a ghostly aura. Both rider and horse appeared to be ghosts. The equestrian club has been told to end practice early before dark each day as the rumor began to spread across campus. Is there really a ghost, or a trick of the moon’s light?  

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy 2. The Veiled Woman In The Rose Garden
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle One late evening while she was tending to the rose garden, a Lilum student reported seeing a woman in a white dress and veil gliding about the rose garden. The aura around her was calming yet she seemed to be crying every so often, looking about as if she had lost something. The girl quickly told her friend about the case and the rumor spread to all the schools, putting the Rose Garden club members in a state of caution and uneasiness whenever they have to tend to the garden. Who or what is this mysterious apparition? A trick of the eyes from a weary girl? …Or a to-be-bride buried six feet under the garden of roses?

Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu 3. The Screaming At Midnight
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle Every few nights at the height of midnight, a female scream is heard from the heart of Maiden Park and sometimes, shrieking all the way from the forest of Spica. It was reported by a group of students and a nun that were out late at night. The scream is shrill and bloodcurdling and has many students who hear it a bit uneasy when it starts getting close to midnight the next day. What are the explanations for these chilling screams?    

Candle Mini Pixel by Gasara 4. The Organ That Plays By Itself
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle Late at night, and sometimes early in the morning and the evening, the pipe organ in the Church can be heard being played. Students and the nuns have walked in to see who was playing, only to find no one there and for the organ to seem to be playing by itself. This happens around the same times every day, but is strangely not heard on Sundays. Whenever the organ is playing, the spacious church always feels colder almost as if…a ghost is playing it. …What, or who is responsible for this?  

:skull: by ebonred 5. The Face In The Attic & The Face-Shaped Stain
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle A group of Miator girls have reported seeing a face-shaped stain and an apparition of a white face watching them in the attic of the Strawberry Dorms. It has turned into a popular dare now to make friends try and brave the attic and catch a glimpse of the apparition or the stain themselves. There have even been reports of the sightings being paired with a faint whispering or growling. Do you have the courage to brave the mystery?    

:CAT: by 8-BitSpider 6. The Black Cat and the Never-Ending Forest of Nightmares    
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle Late at night, a Spica student went walking near the forest. She was late coming in from a midnight ride but enjoyed the solitude and strolled just at the edge of Spica’s bordering forest near the corral. She soon began to feel uneasy, like she was being followed and watched closely, and she turned around, only to see a black cat. The cat meowed and purred but didn’t get close to her. It walked off into the forest and the girl followed it. The darkness of the trees threatened to swallow her and the further she pursued the strange cat into the forest, the denser, thicker, and more frightening it seemed to get. Eventually, it seemed like she was bordered in on all sides, unable to find her way out. She broke down and her fears broke lose from her mind, playing before her eyes as she struggled desperately to find a way out. She was found at the edge of the forest the next morning, mumbling to herself, trembling, and in a trance-like state. Since then, other students have reported seeing a mysterious black cat, but there is no further evidence linking the cat to the strange occurrence in the forest, as no girl had braved to follow it after the first. Will fear bring you down, or will you risk it all to find out what this cat wishes to show the girls of Astraea?    

[F2U] White Pixel Candle Bullet by cherrieu 7. The Girl In the Mirror
      :petalsbullet: by AlbinoSeaTurtle It is said that a girl haunts certain mirrors across the campus of Astraea. She appears in the old cracked mirror in the equipment shed in the gym in the afternoon and sometimes late at night, and can be seen in the wall mirror in the gardening shed two minutes from sun down in St. Lulim. Additionally, she appears usually in every mirror at night on the third-floor of the Strawberry Doors on Wednesdays, on the second-floor mirrors on Thursdays, and on the first-floor mirrors on Mondays. Her head is always cast down, her gaze unseen and blank. It is rumored that you will go insane or experiencing your worst nightmares if she looks up at you. Is this just a rumor among daring first years, or perhaps, is there some truth to the story?  

Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious Strawberry Bullet Point by Nutellalicious

~All the bullets used in this journal belong to their respectful artists~
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